Covid-19: Americas Grand Jury – The People vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci

Covid 19 Americas Grand Jury concerning The People vs. Dr. Anthony Fauci has started. Will be listing their days as they themselves publish them. This is an attempt to help more people find out what is going on. Their homepage:

America’s Grand Jury will provide real-world evidence investigating whether Fauci and these agencies colluded with pharmaceutical companies, mainstream media, and big tech to: 

  1. Falsify evidence to support an allegation of a pandemic in order to incite public panic 
  2. Illegally and unethically suppress early treatment and repurposed drugs in order to promote vaccines 
  3. Justify unlawful lockdowns, mask and vaccine mandates 
  4. Provide fraudulent guidance and misinformation to encourage use of a vaccine known to be unnecessary, ineffective and harmful  
  5. Censor vaccine harms and injuries, and prevent liability for vaccine adverse effects in order to increase profits 

Day 1: On the first day Robert F. Kennedy and Dr. Chris Martensen testified about the crimes against humanity concerning the Covid-19 ‘pandemic’ fraud.

You can listen to day 1 from here.

View the evidence from here.

To understand the gravity of the situation you can access Robert F. Kennedy’s ebook The Real Anthony Fauci Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (on this other Swedish blog go to the second entry, click on ‘ladda ner’ (it means download) next to the words: real fauci).

Day 2: (awaiting their publication)

Please help share this information worldwide!

©Philippa Göranson

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